Who are we?

We are trained, accredited independent consultants for The 1:1 Diet formerly known as The Cambridge Weight Plan.  Our products are registered in the Spanish Health Service, follow Spanish and European legislation and are manufactured in food factories in the United Kingdom.  2020 saw the brand celebrate 36 years of success helping thousands of people worldwide lose weight and live healthier, happier lives..

We are the only company in the market backed by several clinical and independent studies

where the effectiveness of meal replacement for obesity control is proven - which ultimately has many advantages for the individuals health.  Our biggest asset has always been one-to-one relationships, whether that's between a dieter and their consultant or between a consultant and their team.

How it works!

At Cambridge Weight Plan we offer bespoke solutions for weight control utilising a wide range of meal replacement products with our one-to-one Five Step Programme, which is tailored to your individual needs in order to help you achieve a healthier weight and more importantly, to maintain the weight loss once it has been achieved.

Developed, tested and validated by expert nutritionists and researchers

The delicious meals on offer have been vigorously tested by experts and found to contain all essential vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced lifestyle. This is not simply a diet; it’s a total lifestyle change. Aimed to provide you with all the tools and support required to avoid ever putting the weight on again.

Where are we!

With the current pandemic situation we are able to assist you with your healthy weight loss throughout Spain and Gibraltar.  If we cannot maintain home visits we are online, we can still be your personal remote 1:1 diet consultant - reaching out to you through the variety of social media apps, zoom, whatsapp or facetime.  Our regular contact, consistency and support is valuable for your weight loss.